The Beasts of Legend are exceptionally powerful and prolific beings in the Centros system. Such beasts are well-known by the fighting academies and commonfolk and are divided into three categories: Docile, Aggressive-By-Retaliation, and Aggressive. Some of these beasts are at the top of the "Most Wanted" lists across fighting academies and Imperial systems, however, some are actively protected and conserved.

Criteria Edit

Beasts of Legends differ from other beings of legend in that they are animals, i.e. they are not humanoids with ethereal powers, meaning that Mortes do not count. General beasts enhanced with magick stones can be classifed as Beasts of Legend, although such cases are exceptionally rare. The general criteria for something to be considered a Beast of Legend are (but not necessarily cover all points):

  • The most common classification issue is that the beast in question is a last of its kind; however, last members of a species are not, by definition, beasts of legend.
  • The beast is of an exceptionally large size.
  • The beast possess power significantly greater than that of a typical beast.
  • It is exceptionally old (typically true of Docile beasts of legend). Said age may be reflected by its reference in ancient text and exists in the modern day; however, the old beast must not be common and must be felt to possess qualities listed above.
  • It may be fictional or real, but real beasts are taken more seriously as issues such as conservation and aggressiveness must be understoood.

There are three types of beast, according to guidelines:

  • Docile beasts are those that are not violent (or at least, not known to be violent). They will not attack other organisms, even if they are attacked first. Most conservation efforts go towards protecting these beasts.
  • Aggressive-By-Condition categories Beasts of Legends are aggressive in certain conditions: some are typically docile, but will become aggressive in overtly known conditions and via retaliation--aggressive with the same degree of prejudice found in Beasts of Legend in the next category (Type A). Others are mercurial in that sometimes there are docile but randomly turn aggressive due to seemingly unknown circumstances (Type B). Some of these specimens are protected by conservation groups, however, extra care--particularly with Type B specimens--needs to be taken as to not aggravate them.
  • Aggressive specimens will attack other organisms regardless of whether they strike first. These are the highest-risk Beasts of Legend and are typically found at the top of the Most Wanted lists in institutions.

Lists of Beasts via planet Edit