Bubble cloaking is a form of magic enchantment that shields off an area by camouflaging it within a dome-shaped membrane.

Mechanism Edit

"They call it Bubble Cloaking, a means of camouflaging a set area of the enchanter's choice. A person can walk past a cloaked area and be none the wiser, and can even pass through a cloaked area and have no idea that something was in that area. Unless you "pop" the bubble, you'll pass through the membrane and enter an area of illusion that the enchanter conjured in place of the cloaked area. This illusion could be an ocean, grasslands, forestry, or something similar to the terrain surrounding the bubble. How could one know about such a hidden area? We could walk past them hundreds of times a day and be unaware of a different world to the one we know. Just look at a newly made bubble in everyday life and see the swirling entities inside. Does it not look like the inception of a universe, much like the one we live in? Who's to say the world we live in now is not like one of the cloaked continent of Eldvar: one grand illusion?" - Chief of Ras Algethi
The bubble's membrane is like a one-way mirror, meaning that one cannot look to see what is inside, although those within the bubble can see activity outside. If one attempts to pass through the membrane--which is invisible--the person will merely access an area the enchanter has conjured in place of the shielded area. They will not access the shielded area; the bubble does not only hide the visual appearance of the area, it also secludes it from reality altogether. The conjured illusion within, to deceive outsiders, is usually consistent with the surrounding area to not give away the illusion, but cannot consist of physical objects. Once the bubble is destroyed, the area is revealed and the illusion is shattered.

If a person is in the area of illusion when the bubble is destroyed, the area does not "reveal" itself until the individual leaves the area of where the bubble membrane once was.