Eldvar is a continent in the region of Morsol that sits to the far west of the Mainlands. The continent is shrouded by camouflage magicks, meaning that it cannot be seen or travelled under normal conditions. Eldvar is home to some of Eternos' most archaic regions, including Eldvar Castle that was inhabited by some Mortes originally from the Deathwalkers.

Story Edit

Origins Edit

Little is known about the origins of Eldvar except that it was inhabited by an incredibly wealthy family who lived in the far north reaches, inside Eldvar Castle. The family guarded the castle by breeding incredibly dangerous creatures on the Eldvar Plains and survived by selectively hunting animals in the northern and central regions of the continent. The family held some of the most expensive artefacts (including some magick stones found in the Canyon of the Dead) in its throne room and planned to store them and use them if the situation demanded it. It is not known how the family died, although it is speculated that the family died of disease that ended in them turning on themselves due to insanity.

Morte Intervention Edit

Following the emergence of the first Mortes in 71 C.E., one of the Deathwalker Mortes named Tyras had different opinions to his allies. He did not want to abandon and ignore the Morte form granted to him by the magick stones in the Shrine of Sagacity, and instead travelled Eternos to find areas in which he could test his newfound powers without being caught. On his journey, he learned of the continent of Eldvar in the Morsol region and its reputation for being dangerous and home to some of the most ancient monuments on Eternos, and found an ancient shrine in the continent's midlands.

Tyras seeked volunteers for an experiment: he wanted to test the human capabilities by absorbing the magicks from the stones found in the Shrine of Sagacity to see if the power of the Mortes could be improved upon further. After finding willing volunteers across Eternos, he took them to Eldvar and forced them to absorb the powers of the stones to learn of their true potential. Upon absorbing godly amounts of energy, Tyras found that the humans had taken in so much energy from the stones that it almost destroyed them, and weakened them instead of making them stronger. Excessive guilt lead Tyras to seal the weakened humans inside the shrine of Eldvar and have them sleep until he found a solution. Like with the other Morte on Eternos, across centuries, Tyras concluded that there was no way to reverse the effects of the stones and instead slept alongside the weakened humans. Tyras sealed Eldvar with camouflage magicks to prevent anyone from finding his work.

Locations Edit

  • Shores of Ruin
  • Canyon of the Dead
  • Muvian Falls
  • Shrine to the Deathwalkers
  • Bastion of Fallen Angels
  • Hollow Needles of Sandstone
  • Glacial Forest
  • Passage of Ephemeron
  • Eldvar Plains
  • Eldvar Castle