Erehwon (Eh-reh-wonn) is a dystopian city on a peninsula to the south of the Neo-Garland region. It used to be a bustling city of commerce and business, however the citizens were forced out of the city following a conflict between the city and Eden. The government of Erehwon wanted to expand their influence and targeted one of the largest cities in the region, which was Eden, but lost without in hours due to the overwhelming assault from Eden's Public Security Regiment (PSR), whom attacked Erehwon in self-defense. Citizens of high status in Erehwon transferred to different areas of Eternos, citizens were cast out and lived in slums, and the city was sealed by government members who tried to rebuild the city without outside intervention.

Story Edit

The construction of Erehwon took place at the same time as Eden. Although the city was planned to be nowhere near as big as Eden, its builders wanted it to be a big centre of business and trade. The city finished construction in the year 2178 C.E., and became a favourite destination for business barons, including Marcus Endall for his technology that began to unify man and machine (BioGenesis) and Emma Whitaker for her portable technological devices incorporating holograms.