The First Cycle of Life, or the Epoch of the Souls, is the very first group of organisms that existed in the Universe. It is named the Epoch of the Souls due to all living organisms possessing a soul that gave them life and motion. Life itself was contingent on the existence of souls, and any organism that did exist without a soul resembled husks: beings with extremely limited self awareness. It is the longest epoch of them all, mainly due to this being the cycle where the Universe itself had to form, and the subsequent cycles afterwards needed to "only" wait for life to evolve again.

Events of the First Cycle of Life Edit

  • Genesis. It is unknown how the Universe began.
  • The eventual forming of galaxies, star systems, and planets.
  • The emergence of primitive life, on an extremely limited number of planets. [The soul is hypothesised to have evolved alongside life itself, only arising in multi-cellular organisms. Upon death, the soul would travel to the planet's core and be incinerated.]
  • [Out of these extremely limited number of planets, an even smaller number of these could sustain relatively complex life. One planet, Blue Terminus, eventually seeded and sustained incredibly intelligent life. They became known as the Primordians. This intelligent life utilised the power of the souls of the deceased, and travelled the Cosmos to support planets in need. Groups of Primordians set to help the development of life became known as The Demiurge.]
  • The First Cosmic Extinction. A plague that infected some of the travelling Primordians spread across the Southern and South-eastern corners of the cosmos--namely the Chi, Psi, Omega and Tau sectors. This plague was thought to have been caused by an organism they dubbed "Imperius". They deduced that if the Universe could seed life as complex as themselves, it is not inconceivable for a viral-type organism like Imperius to arise.
  • Some infected Primordians returned to Blue Terminus for help, but infected and sterilised the whole planet. Eventually, the plague came to an end when it became quarantined on Blue Terminus. The surviving Primordians continued to traverse the Cosmos to assist planets. Only after several generations could the Primordians contribute to the Cycle of Life, for a myth had to be implemented: that the Primordians do not know of their origins and that they are created to serve the planet only. This would ensure integrity and efficiency, to ensure no Primordian would go rogue.
  • The true emergence of Demiurge-ruled star systems, contributing to the "Cycle of Life"--the return of spirits to the Realm of the Souls once an organism dies. These "Demiurge" groups would also contribute to the maintenance of planets (although exceptions did exist), and nurture the souls before they could return to the body of a new organism.
  • The further evolution of Imperius, the superpredator. It is now a semi-conscious, de facto virus that traverses the cosmos and infects living organisms. It was "adopted" by the Gaian Demiurge in its infancy and used in numerous experiments, but was discarded and left on the planet Erebus in the Sol System. It grew stronger and stronger and nearly sterilised the whole of Gaia five-thousand years after the cessation of Primordian intervention in human affairs and environmental construction, until it was cast into the cosmos by a band of Gaians.
  • The eventual death of the Gaian Demiurge, and the cessation of the Cycle of Life on Gaia. This trend of the divorce of Primordians from planetary inhabitants eventually continued throughout the Universe, and all Demiurgic realms were destroyed as a result.
  • The declaration of the extinction of the Primordians. Life continued to evolve on its own.
  • Across millions of years, many species began to reach their peak, with the soul becoming highly evolved and organisms possessing tremendous power. These organisms were similar to the Primordians, but they refused to rule star systems and conduct experiments on the souls of newer planets.
  • The Second Cosmic Extinction, where Imperius began infecting the Cosmos again. The evolved First Cycle Humanoids, intelligence and complexity rivalling that of the Demiurge, used all of their power to put the beast into stasis. With almost the entire cosmos wiped out, the few remaining humanoids dispersed "life seeds" across the Universe, which would lead to very similar kinds of life forming again in a few billion years. These "seeds" contained the information of most First Cycle of Life organisms, and the wait of a few billion years would allow life to flourish without souls or "divine" intervention.
  • The souls that existed stagnated and decayed, and became a deactivated form of energy within the Universe. This energy would inhabit "stones", leading to the creation of "Magick Stones".
  • Primal life begins to form. The Second Cycle of Life begins.