Below is a complete list of Beast of Legend from the planet Eternos, both extant and extinct.

Azi Dahaka Edit

Classification: Aggressive

Azi Dahaka is a gigantic dragon that slumbers in the Canyon of the Dead on the hidden continent of Eldvar in Morsol. The dragon is a descendant of a creature living in the Eldvar Plains, but the entire genus was exiled to the Canyon of the Dead by the Malebranche Family when it was disrupting the ecosystem by driving some species close to extinction. In the canyon, one specimen killed all of its kin and grew to titanic size over the course of centuries. Tyrus, one of the Deathwalkers, fought the beast midway to its full maturation and damaged its wings, making it incapable of flight, however, Tyrus was unsuccessful in slaying the beast single-handedly. When Hellblade and his allies--nearly two thousand years later--travelled to Eldvar, they were able to knock the beast out to pass through the Canyon into Muvial Falls.

Ephemeron Edit

Classification: Aggressive--evident of its intrepid progeny

Ephemeron is a bipedal, armoured demon that lived in the eponymous Passage of Ephemeron, an artificial canyon built by the beast itself. It is hypothesised that the beast died during the Second Cosmic Devastation and its spiritual energy remains after the event. During Hellblade's passage through Ephemeron, the spiritual energy inside reanimated the bones of organisms it had killed and tried to attack him and his allies. Hellblade mistook the bones of the organisms for mutated humans Tyras had created during his experiments in the Shrine to the Deathwalkers, however, archaeologists hundreds of years later revealed them to be humanoids. Further scientific research confirmed them to be First Cycle Humanoids; progenitors of the Primordial Beings.

Europa Edit

Classification: Aggressive

Europa was a dark-purple coloured behemoth that lived in the Grand Expanse on the supercontinent Galtis, in the region of Lomora. It is one of the more formidable beasts bred in the grand wilds of Galtis, attacking with its sharp claws, fangs and a tail the same length as its body. During the proliferation and assault of beasts from Galtis in the late 17th century, Lance and his allies travelled to Galtis, with powers and knowledge from the Chaos Realm, to fight Europa and the beasts living on Galtis.

Leviathan Edit

Classification: Docile, but turned Aggressive

Leviathan is a giant sea serpent that lives in the sea between the Astrad and Euraea areas in Morsol. It is estimated to be three hundred metres in length and the result of a mutant sea creature growing to gigantic size over the course of several millennia. The beast is typically harmless, however, it turned Aggressive due to being bewitched by the Morte Proteus. During Hellblade's travels across the sea under instruction from the Chancellor of Elm Academy, Leviathan attacked the vessel he was travelling on, and was nearly devoured by the beast. Leviathan was not killed from Hellblade's strategy, for his focus was to sail away from Leviathan as far as possible until it lost sight of the boat. Its tentacles were mildly damaged during the attack, and once Proteus was killed in Eldvar Castle, Leviathan's spell was negated and the beast turned docile again.