Morsol is a region on Eternos. It is one of the southernmost areas on Eternos, to the north of Aria and the Oberonian Ice Shelf and to the far south of Garland. The region is home to some of Eternos' high-end fighting academies, including Four Kings, Elm and Portuleic, and is known for having some of the planet's most archaic structures. Morsol is sparsely populated, with very few individuals living outside the towns and academies, and is renowned for having wide, open geographical areas, including the Elm Plains and the Frederik Peninsula.

Geography Edit

Morsol is the third-smallest region on Eternos, behind Godwin and Aria. It is split into three landmasses; the Southern Reaches (comprised of Four Kings Academy to the south and Elm Academy to the north), the Mainlands (with Frederik to the south, Portuleic to the far north-west and Escheton to the far north-east) and a hidden continent called Eldvar to the west.