The Morte (mor-tay, alternatively stylised as Mor'te) are a humanoid race that primarily live on the furthermost planet from Centros, Scramasax. Mortes are a polymorphous species, capable of taking the form of standard humans and a bipedal demon-like beast, the latter of which can be spurred by intense emotions. Due to their threatening appearance and vulnerability to anger, the Morte have been ostracised by humans which has lead to the development of a highly xenophobic attitude and a blind hatred of the species, despite not being intrinsically intrepid and volatile. Following the discovery of Mortes living on Eternos in the Middle Ages, moral panic lead to mass exile of the race to the planet Scramasax via Portal Magicks. When Mortes resurfaced on Eternos centuries after the exodus of the genus, the government orchestrated genocide on the Mortes to prevent them from disrupting the peace of Eternos. Following this extermination, the Morte were lead to the brink of extinction, and the only hope of continuing the species was to send twenty Morte youth to Eternos to live in human form, to grow up normally and to ignore their "darker" side, to avoid human hostility.

Story Edit

Inception Edit

In the year 71 C.E, Morsol, a group of elite hunters and adventurers searched for the legendary natural magic stones to learn of their power. Across the years of them being members of one of the planet's most prestigious fighting groups, The Deathwalkers, they had tracked down a large number of stones and tried to channel their powers to make them stronger in order to protect Eternos and become highly resilient to future threats. The elite members of the Deathwalkers stumbled across a legendary monument, The Shrine of Sagacity, in Morsol's north sea. Within, they found a secret passage that lead to a magic stone mine. These magic stones contained greater powers than any other stone previously found. Using previously-learned magicks and willpower, they tapped into the stones' potential and harnessed the power within, in the hope to become the strongest humans on Eternos and to transcend mortality.

By manipulating the energy gained from the stones, they permanently gained the ability to transform from human form into a taller, more physically powerful humanoid beast. Believing they had found the next step in evolution, they tested their powers and found them to surpass standard human capabilities in every way possible - greater physical abilities and greater aptitude in magicks. However, the overwhelming power from being able to transform into this new form came with a price; during situations of intense anger, the transformation into this form would be inevitable and uncontrollable. The men who gained this new power pledged to never use it due to it being potentially destructive and promised to isolate themselves as much as possible should they find it impossible to suppress anger. 

The Deathwalkers, seeing their new powers more as a curse than a blessing, wanted them gone and tried to find more stones to reverse its power, to no avail. Unbeknownst to them, the stones had altered their genetic material entirely, meaning that the process of consummating the stones' energy was irreversible. The men found methods of suppressing their anger, agreed to never use their powers intentionally, and tried to live their lives as if nothing ever happened.

Proliferation Edit

Several generations later, descendants of these men appeared to have the same powers that they did. Knowledge of genetics and hereditary factors were not known at this point, but the ability to transform into an alter ego had been passed down through the parent's genetic code and had become an innate feature of some humans. Several reports of these people began to appear across the world, and across a millennium, the number became substantial enough to become known by everyone on Eternos. These people who had their alter ego had a surprisingly extended life span; one hybrid reported being seven hundred years old. Frightened by their powers and anecdotal fits of rage, they were all purged by the government and sent to the planet Scramsax via a portal created using magic stones. 

Emergence of the Morte race Edit

Surprisingly, the Morte humans were able to adapt to Scramasax's atmosphere in their alternate form. With their ability to survive the planet's conditions, the exiled humans began to reproduce until a large population of these hybrids were present on Scramasax. Across centuries, the hybrids began to take on their alter ego forms more dominantly than their human form, altering the capabilities of them greatly. With their superior knowledge and usage of magicks, the newly-named Morte race decided to use Portal Magicks to return to Eternos in peace to reconcile differences in 2001 C.E. The New World Party, the most popular political party at the time, were sceptical of the Mortes' peaceful agenda, but agreed to allow them to live on Eternos.

The 2010 C.E. Genocide Edit

The Preservation Party were re-elected in 2004 C.E by popular demand following incidents of Morte-on-human violence. Rates of Morte violence were found to be much greater than that of humans and the tolerant attitude of Mortes subsided, leading to a more xenophobic attitude found in those living at the time of the first exile. As the years passed, there were more injuries and deaths from certain Morte individuals, and an instruction from the Military General, Bergan Wills, lead to a second exodus of the Mortes in 2009 C.E. The resistance of some of the Mortes lead to anger among the human race, and Wills eventually gave the order in 2010 C.E. to exterminate the Morte race by sending highly trained units to Scramasax. Almost all of the Mortes were slaughtered in this operation, apart from twenty Morte youth, who were smuggled into Eternos and were told to live under the guise of humans. The children were told to never transform into the demonic form and to hide their true identity as much as possible, and were told to try and forget their origins and live life as humans, in the hope that the alter ego tendency would stabilise and not be predominant. The Morte children dispersed to different areas of Eternos to grow up and receive education and training like all other human children would.

Trial and Execution Edit

In 2019 C.E., four Mortes were discovered and were sentenced to execution in the city of Helios. Following this, a prolific Morte on Scramasax named Proteus set out to find the other Morte children to seek revenge on the human race for slaughtering his race in cold-blood. Proteus joined forces with five other Mortes and forged an alliance to insidiously harm Eternos.

Morte Division Edit

Hellblade, a Morte from Four Kings Academy, learned of the plot to seek revenge on humanity for destroying Scramasax and made a vow to fight them instead of joining them. He felt that fighting humans would merely perpetuate the idea that Mortes are inherently dangerous instead of being a slave to their physicality, and agreed to stop Proteus' plot to destroy Eternos, for it would not do justice to the species and would cause less harm. Having trouble with his primal Morte desires, his anger for the slaughter of his race and the love of his friends, Hellblade and his friends killed Proteus' allies, and eventually killed Proteus on the hidden continent of Eldvar.

Notable Mortes Edit

  • Hellblade, the main character of the Eternos chronicles.
  • Proteus, the leader of a group of Mortes set on violently avenging the deaths of his race by murdering innocent humans and planning to destroy Eternos.
  • Tyras, the oldest living Morte.
  • Azrael, a Morte in Proteus' group.
  • Barachiel, a Morte in Proteus' group.
  • Garrick, a Morte in Proteus' group.
  • Tabitha, a Morte in Proteus' group.
  • Blaine, a Morte in Proteus' group.
  • Bethan, a female Morte murdered by the Escheton Resistance.