Primordial Beings refer to the highly intelligent organisms that existed in the Universe's first cycle of life. They possessed similar traits to modern humans on Eternos; however, the organisms considered to be Primordial Beings were no longer purely organic life forms and had become augmented with magick stones beyond the humanoid life forms existing at the time. The non-augmented humanoids differ from the Primordial Beings--the former are known as First Cycle Humanoids (FCHs), and did not survive as long as the Beings--the progeny worshipped by future religions and accepted to have reseeded the galaxy.

Creation Edit

In the first cycle of life in the Centros System, there existed an ecosystem of life similar to life living in the second cycle. First Cycle Humanoids, organisms physiologically similar (in the sense of genetic similarity compared to any other organism that existed) to Second Cycle (modern) humans, began to use primal Magick Stones to enhance their power in order to advance their civilisation. The stones' powers enhanced the FCHs' powers 75% of the