The Public Security Regiment (PSR) is Eden's military section, whose objective is to ensure the safety of citizens living in Eden and to prevent external threats. A large portion of the PSR is human, although as of the mid-23rd century, scientists began to develop machines to assist the human units in defense and operations.

Division Edit

The PSR is commonly understood as being divided into two groups; General Personnel and Field Units.

General Personnel Edit

PSR Commander Edit

The PSR Commander is the head of the entire regiment and makes all of the decisions within the group, and also acts as the city's mayor. S/he is responsible for overseeing all areas of the city and giving out orders to units. The Commander gives out orders related to defense and patrol, and puts emphasis on the protection of civilians, and preventing threats from happening.

PSR Director Edit

The PSR Director is the right-hand man of the Commander and focuses on giving orders to different divisions of the PSR. While the Commander seeks to bring peace to the city and makes all of the final decisions, the Director is in charge of the military side of the PSR and gives instructions to fight off threats. The Director places emphasis on offense instead of defense; if a threat is not prevented, then the Director sees that the threat is terminated.

Head of Intelligence Edit

The Head of Intelligence (HI) commands the intelligence side of the PSR. S/he ensures that all of the Intelligence Units are receiving and sorting important data files from across Eternos, including those of PSR units and events that are happening around the world.

Intelligence Units Edit

Intelligence Units (The IU) work at the PSR Headquarters and receive and store important data. Data can include personal information, news update, investigation reports and the like.

Field Units Edit

Fields units are divided into humans and machines. The human section is divided into five different tiers.

Human Edit

Recruits Edit

PSR Recruits are units who have graduated from training and do not have a moderate level of experience prior to joining the PSR. These graduates are placed in this category for a minimum of three months; following this period, recruits are inspected to see if they are eligible to be promoted to the Lower Tier. If this process is unsuccessful, recruits are inspected again on a monthly basis until they graduate. Duties of a recruit PSR involve squad investigations lead by Elite Tier PSR, low-risk combat situations and guarding low-risk areas of the city under the supervision of PSR Generals.

Lower Tier Edit

Lower Tier PSR Units are the most common form of PSR unit, and are usually divided into two types:

  • Those who have prior experience to PSR, and graduate straight from training to this section without going through the three-month Recruit process.
  • Those who have been through the three-month Recruit process and have passed.

Duties of a Lower Tier unit involve engaging in low to moderate risk combat situations and guarding areas of the city under the supervision of higher units. There is a greater level of leniency with the Lower Tier units compared with the Recruits and support is usually not given unless asked or the law demands it.

Lower Tier units can be promoted to Middle Tier, or even straight to Elite Tier in some circumstances, although the latter is exceptionally rare and usually involves units who did not have go through the Recruit probation stage.

Middle Tier Edit

Middle Tier PSR Units are the next level up from Lower Tier units, and have duties that involve engaging low to high risk combat situations, defending low-risk areas without supervision and controlling low-intensive machine units.

Elite Tier Edit

Elite Tier PSR Units are the highest level of "common" human units and have high responsibilities which involve commanding combat situations, leading lower tier units, guarding moderate to high risk areas of the city unsupervised and operating moderately intensive machine units, and high/very high intensive machines under the supervision of Generals and the Director.

PSR General Edit

If a unit's abilities are exceptional and notably surpass those who work in the Elite Tier, then they can be promoted to PSR General. Apart from the PSR Director and Commander, this is the highest position a person can get in the regiment. Typically, only about ten to fifteen generals are present in the regiment at once, and have important duties that involve commanding lower level PSR Units, defending large areas of the city and operating high intensive machines alone (and sometimes operating very high intensive machines). Generals are among the most popular candidates for the Director and Commander position alongside ex-Commanders from different cities, should one retire.

Machine Edit

Patroller Edit

Patrollers are small, floating camera devices that fly around Eden and send video and audio footage to PSR Units and General Personnel. They capture footage in areas not normally reachable by PSR human units, such as from the sky, and increase the chance of crimes from being committed by having live footage streams to personnel. Patrollers are also used in combat, to survey hostile locations and learn of enemy plans.

Identifier Edit

Identifiers are any types of machine that scan an individual, capture their genetic material and compare it a list of items within a database. These machines are used for a wide range of reasons; from membership checking to putting an end to crimes such as fraud and terrorism.

PSRCombatant_001 Edit

The 001 is a human-sized machine that has the capabilities of a Middle-Level PSR soldier. They lack the high intelligence and wit of a human, but still have incredibly complex programming and AI and do not possess emotions, meaning they are more likely to engage in dangerous combat.

PSRCombatant_002 Edit

The 002 is an eight-legged machine that can fire basic bullets and lasers from its "head". Agile and able to breach hostile lines, the 002 in large numbers can overwhelm threats in a short period of time. Due to their complexity and potential dangers, they can only be operated by Elite PSR units.