The Second Cycle of Life, of the Epoch of the Stones, is the second cycle of life in the grand scale of the Universe. Following the decay of the souls in organisms and the mass extinction of life in the First Cycle, the Second Cycle arises from the seeds planted by the First Cycle Humanoids (also known as the Primal Beings in this cycle). The planting of the seeds would ensure that very similar organisms could arise, although in the far future when the cosmos has recovered from the infection of Imperius. This cycle of life is characterised by the absence of all souls, the emergence and utilisation of magick stones, and the successful evolution of life in many star systems, eventually leading to advanced technologies such as space travel. The Second Cycle of Life is where most of the story arc takes place, with most focus being on Hellblade's story.

Events Edit

  • The emergence of primitive life across the cosmos at different points, ranging from as early as 2.1 billion years to the end of the Second Cycle (+5.3 billion years).
  • Various humanoid life evolving across the Cosmos.
  • Intelligent humanoid life emerges on Eternos in the Centros System, circa 5.29997 billion years after the Second Cycle begins.
  • 773 BCE: The first Mortes emerge.
  • Common Era begins 231,000 years after the first standard Eternos humanoid evolves.
  • 576 CE: Mortes are exiled through the Scramasax Portal.
  • 2001 CE: Mortes are allowed back on Eternos via the signing of the New World Morte Act.
  • 2004 CE: The Preservation Party are voted back into the Garland government due to increased Morte-on-human violence. Growing fears of violence lead the governments on the other continents to consider rejoining the Garland Alliance in order to be protected.
  • 2009 CE: All Mortes are exiled back to Scramasax via executive action of the second consecutive Preservation Party leader and former Garland military general, Bergan Wills. All Morte must return to Scramasax within fourteen days, or they will be executed on site.
  • 2010 CE: Wills orders the genocide of the Mortes due to multiple incidents of Mortes cropping up on Eternos. All known Mortes on Scramasax are exterminated. There are only twenty survivors, all children: ten male, ten female.
  • 2019 CE: Four Mortes were discovered and were sentenced to execution in the city of Helios. Following this, a prolific underground Morte on Scramasax named Proteus set out to find the other Morte children to seek revenge on the human race for slaughtering his race in cold-blood. Proteus joined forces with five other Mortes and forged an alliance to insidiously harm Eternos.
  • 2020 CE: Proteus is killed.
  • 2020 CE: Underneath the mountains to the west of Sovereign Academy, a covert group led by Tyrus (now wounded and being kept alive by life support) try to create more Mortes. Six are created before the facility is compromised and sterilised by the Sovereign administrators.
  • 2020 CE: A piece of an alien life form is being held at the capital of the Godwin region, Archeus. Hellblade and his friends, and six Mortes travel to Archeus to learn more.
  • 2020 CE: The alien life form is confirmed to be a segment from Imperius, which has mutated and taken a more solid form. It takes interest in the seven Mortes, and has the power to influence their minds. The six Mortes lose their minds and attack the town, but are executed. Hellblade resists a whole while longer, but loses his mind and destroys a good portion of Godwin.
  • 2020 CE: Hellblade is extradited to Garland for public execution (thought to be the last remaining Morte), whereas his friends are sentenced for life in the Tower of Hardrada for siding with a Morte. However, the Galtea Academy surreptitiously take Hellblade in, wipe some of his memory (from Four Kings to Archeus), and use him as a unit as part of their academy, for they see him as useful.
  • 2021 CE: Hellblade is discovered and exiled to Anthrax, along with the person who assisted him for a mission.
  • 2021 CE: Hellblade awakens in the wilds of Haven, the donut shaped planet.
  • 2022 CE: Hellblade, reunited with his friends, form their own Monster Hunting group on Haven, and seek to solve some of their problems.
  • 2023 CE: Hellblade and his friends return to Eternos, where they set up another Monster Hunting group through approval of the Galtean Academy. They reside in Galtea Port.
  • 2025 CE: Eternos is torn asunder by Megadeath's Doomsday Device. The Utopians rebuild Eternos over the course of 200 years and radically advance its technology.
  • ...
  • X CE: The Third Cosmic Extinction begins.
  • X2 CE: 95% of all life ends, sterilised by Imperius' power. Imperius, now a fully conscious being, seeks to repopulate the cosmos with life of his own kind.
  • X3 CE: With the help of the awakened Primal Beings from the First Cycle of Life, Imperius is killed, once and for all. However, all of the planets have been ravaged by the destruction caused, and will take tens of thousands of years to heal. Eternos is ravaged, and all of the humans are kept in Dyson Spheres surrounding the planet, which will keep the human race alive until the planet can be repopulated again.
  • X4 CE: All magick stones are destroyed, and three new races of humanoids are created as a result of the different Dyson Sphere environments. The Second Cycle of Life ends.