The Pharos is a lighthouse in the northwest reaches of the Castyronia region in Morsol. It is a large lighthouse in the Squalid Sands, to the north of the village of Ras Algethi, and is the tallest monument in the region.

History Edit

The Pharos dates back before common era, and is thought to have been the tallest of man's construction works at the time it was built. Before it was used as a lighthouse, it was used as an observatory tower for incoming boats, and people at the top of the tower would light a beacon so those on the ground could be alerted and prepare for the docking. During the Golden Age of magick stones, inhabitants of Ras Algethi synthesised enchanted stones, and used this stone hybrid as the tower's de facto lamp. The inhabitants turned the Pharos into a tower of light due to rumours of it unveiling the hidden continent, Eldvar.

The Lamp Edit

Inhabitants of Ras Algethi created a lamp from active magick stones and placed it atop the Pharos, due to excavators unearthing an artefact in the Squalid Sands speaking of the existence of a fourth landmass in Morsol--Eldvar. Recent research of magick stone utilisation showed that it could unveil those bestowed with an invisibility enchantment; thus, the villagers of the Sands forged a giant stone to use as the Pharos' lamp to see if the Eldvar continent would become visible if the light was shined on it.

The hybrid stone's power, when used from atop the Pharos, made the ocean appear more transparent than normal, and faintly revealed some hidden islands a few kilometres offshore from the lighthouse that had been camouflaged using a method called Bubble Cloaking. Due to Eldvar's alleged distance, the villagers tried to use a magnifying glass to concentrate the magick stone's light towards the area of where Eldvar was estimated to be. The only initial report was seeing an odd refraction of light towards the end of the light's ray on the night of a full moon, but nothing else.

Story Edit

Following Hellblade's fit of rage following the death of a fellow Morte, Bethan, he and his allies leave Escheton after he calms down to try and find a way of reaching Eldvar--the landmass they discover Proteus is hiding on. Hellblade and his party learned earlier--at the village of Ras Algethi--that Eldvar was camouflaged and that the only evidence of it sitting to the southwest of Castyronia were strange light rays coming from the direction of where the magick stone's light was concentrated, on the night of a full moon. When the next full moon appeared, four days after Hellblade first visited the Squalid Sands and learned of a hidden continent, they shined the light to the southeast and sailed in the direction of the light. At the end of the ray, they saw an image of a grand castle and some cliffs, of which they suspected to be Proteus' place of hiding. Hellblade then planned his next move: destroying the Bubble Cloaking barrier protecting and hiding Eldvar from the rest of the world, which took the party to the Shrine of Sagacity in the far north.