Vulcan is the closest planet to Centros, sitting at an average distance of 10 million miles. The planet is completely uninhabitable due to its intense heat, with a typical day boasting temperatures of two-thousand degrees centigrade. Vulcan has one moon, Aura, which orbits the planet at a rate of thirteen days per cycle.


Vulcan is 3,000km in diameter and is primarily composed of rock. Due to its close proximity to the sun, the planet is in a perpetual state of fire, ruling out the possibility of any traditional life living there and spacecrafts going close. The planet takes seventy-four days to orbit the Sun.


Because the planet is always engulfed in flames by the sun, Vulcan's surface is scorching hot, with temperatures hitting two-thousand during the day. At night, temperatures can drop to as low as -180 degrees.


By the year of 2018 C.E., telescopes on Eternos were powerful enough to see the firestorms raging on Vulcan's surface. The violent eruptions of fire seemed contradictory to nature, because the ignition of fire requires oxygen, and there was no way oxygen could be present in the atmosphere without any plants or life. 

When the Utopian Project was halfway complete, at around halfway into the 22nd century, telescope technology has progressed again to discover Vulcan's moon, Aura. Scientists observed that the moon would pass directly between the planet and Centros every thirteen days, casting a shadow on the planet, and drastically reducing the temperature in the area that is not in direct sunlight. 

In the early 24th century, where space travel was in its golden age, a group of highly trained scientists and soldiers travelled to Vulcan, and landed on the planet in the area where the moon eclipsed the sun. They found a strange monument on the the planet's surface, seemingly impervious to the intense heat, which contained a stairwell that lead to a series of caverns underneath the planet's surface. Within the planet, they found a civilisation of humanoid beings known as the Hrek, troll-like beings with human intelligence and spirit. The Hrek explained that they are desecendents of a race who felt threatened by the Primordial Beings, and hid within Vulcan to hide from them. Vulcan's interior acts as a Dyson Sphere, with the land positions on the planet's inner edges. The Hrek constructed an artificial sun using magick stones and energy from the fire that blazed on the planet's surface. They explained that they pumped oxygen out to the surface to keep the fires burning, to act as a shield and a power source from the Hrek living inside. This process of constructing a Dyson Sphere like planet took tens of thousands of years, and as a result of living in the dark and underground, the beings evolved into troll-like humans and adapted to the dark climate underneath. Their only food and drink sources were that stocked up from their home planet, Pangaea, and organic food sources created using magicks.