Zyrak, also known as the Guardian of the Living, the Heretic of the Gods, or the Primordian Tyrant, is one of seven members in the Gaian Demiurge, and the primary antagonist of Shadow's story arc in the First Cycle of Life. His role was to protect life on Gaia and the Demiurge from different threats that would arise.  


Zyrak is a tall, human-like man with above average muscularity and dark hair. Following the battle with Neo Zero during Zyrak's usurpation of Gaia five-thousand years prior to the event of Shadow's story arc, he has a scar that travels to the top left portion of his face to the botttom right portion.


Zyrak is one of seven Gaian Demiurge members that governs the Cycle of Life on Gaia amd purports to defend the planet from threats. 

After being cast out from the Realm of the Lords, he traversed the Void until he began to lose his sanity. Once he found himself back in the realm of Gaia. he enslaved humanity to beseech his hatred for the species and the other Primordian Lords. During this time, the Lords has returned to Primordia to allow mankind to flourish without "divine" intervention. However, Eternos, the lord of the souls, noticed a spike in the rate of souls returning to the Spirit Vault, and notified the other lords of this change. Neo Zero travelled to Gaia to find that Zyrak has usurped the throne for human rule, and posed to end his reign so that mankind could prosper and develop again. 

Nearly five thousand years after his defeat, Zyrak was revived by Ordaron and Deathclaw, two of his trusted advisors.